Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mixing Cement In Costa Rica

Thomas Gruber Getting Ready To Mix Cement for Wall

Our Topographer Jeffrey Perez and view of lote
Yup! Micah Shoecraft Mixing Cement By Hand.

Carlos Coming to Meet our Topographer Jeffry Perez

First Mix Sand, Rock and Cement...Then Fill Buckets

Inside of Bodega And A Great View Of Lote SeVende

Tom Is The Foreman Of This Project...Heffe

Look At The Work That Has Been Accomplished!

Filling Each Block With Hand-Mixed Cement To Fortify

Yes...This Is Adrien...Lives Close By...Heart of Gold!

Wow! Here Is The Final Result...Looks Amazing, Yes?

Friday, February 29, 2008

Costa Rica January 2008

Nice Tennis Court!

Condo's In Gracia, Costa Rica

Elisa In Gracia With Micah And Crew
Elisa Showing You How To Have Fun In Costa Rica!

I Love This Picture Of Flory! Look At That Smile!

Flory At The Annual Hermanos Gruber S.A. Picker's Party

Elisa On The Swing Set

Friday, January 18, 2008

Casa In Costa Rica For Sale! $35,000 USD

Quiet Town of El Camoon Located 30 miles from San Jose, CR. We offer a 6 week stay for $500 good towards purchase price...Call Today! 602-404-4141