Friday, January 18, 2008

Casa In Costa Rica For Sale! $35,000 USD

Quiet Town of El Camoon Located 30 miles from San Jose, CR. We offer a 6 week stay for $500 good towards purchase price...Call Today! 602-404-4141

Retaining Wall Phase 1

Getting The Jobsite Ready.

Jobsite With Cement Bags and Septic Tank Parts.

Dug Down 4 Feet and Now Adding Forms

Mixing The Cement By Hand...Step 2

Dumping The Cement Into The Re-Bar Forms...Step 3

Dumping The Cement Into The Re-Bar Forms...Step 3

Earthquake Proof! This House Is A Fortress!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Days Labor On The House In Costa Rica

Nieves And Adrien Hand Mixing Cement For The Wall.

Real Estate Project In El Camoon Phase 1

Inside of the Bodega

Elky Maria Delivering Sand and Rock

Thomas and Nieves Planning out the day.

Good View of the First Part of the retaining wall.

All This sand and rock will be used for the retaining wall

This Will Be The View Outside Back Window Of 2 Bedrooms

Thomas, Vice-President of Tortuga Properties Inc. S.A.

Pieces of the septic tank that will go underground.

Adrien Dumping Cement into the rebar structure

This Is The View Of A LifeTime, Look at the Coffee Plants!

Costa Rica Dec. 2007

Having The Time Of My Life!!

My Last Trip To Costa Rica

Micah - Elisa - Mario - Donald

Elisa -

Sonya - Daisy


Elisa - Mario -


Vista Bonita

Costa Rica

We Are Enjoying the fine weather!